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By Brent Cassity


About Brent

Our VP of Business Development, Brent Cassity, is an author, speaker, host of a podcast, and has 30 years of experience with sales and growing businesses. He shares landmines to avoid and proven systems that will create momentum to grow your business.



2023 Momentum

New Years Resolutions to start 2023 with Momentum!

Start dialing
Just pick up the phone and dedicate an hour a day to call new leads, old leads or sphere of influence – there is no downside and loads you with information of how you can help!
Make more Videos
Video is an invaluable tool – start with making tips you get asked about all the time (example: buyers and sellers tips, market updates) build your brand of what you are interested in.
Gotta Set your Goals
Don’t overwhelm yourself with this task. Map out your first quarter with a goal and plan – this turns on your scoreboard!
Connect with local Businesses
Be the mayor of your area and promote their business – post a business if you like them and give a quick great review
Keep educating yourself
Listen to more podcasts – there are several good ones you can learn something from (Tom Ferry, Buffini, Kevin Ward, Ninja Selling, The Kevin and Fred Show, Jared James, Success Habits of Super Achievers to name a few)
Attend more webinars
Create a good morning routine
This sets the tone for everything else that happens that day!

Your Database For Next Year

Let's Get Organized


For example, here’s a good way to organize by relationship:

·          Closest: immediate family, great friends

·          Identify and tag your avid top 25 fans who give you referrals and help your business grow

·          Close: extended family, good friends

·          Clients: past, present

·          Professional: acquaintances, lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher, etc.

·          Community: neighbors, tennis partners, PTA members, business owners

·          Open House attendees

·          Leads: search, social media, ads, referrals

And don’t forget to leave off the nightmare clients and overly difficult friends. You can thank us later.



1 big obstacle keeping you from where you want to be 

1 thing to focus on going into the 1st quarter that is probably outside your comfort zone

25% of consumers who bought and sold in pandemic were unsatisfied with their experience

80% of buyers felt they had to compromise when buying their house


Staying Top Of Mind

Referral Business Tips

What are some ideas to keep you top of mind with people you want to do business with as a trusted advisor?

  • Quarterly neighborhood statistics – once a quarter
  • Average days on the market for their neighborhood
  • Newsletter
  • Annual real estate review
  • New market information on rates and adjustable arm rates for this market
  • Any articles of interest about the current market

How about your Avid Fans who have done business with you and give you referrals?


  • Personal notes ( easy to find what is going on in their lives with social media)
  • Coupons and gift certificates – car wash, flowers, restaurants, etc.
  • Positive feel-good quotes - postcards
  • Happy Anniversary, Home Anniversary, Birthday
  • Gift cards, tickets
  • Call for breakfast or lunch and have a real estate review prepared
  • Books and movie recommendations


There are so many things you can do to stay “top of mind” but definitely do something.


By Memory Or Design?

June 2022

Tip for the Month:

Are you working from a system that works like your personal daily scoreboard? Or are you getting up everyday and hoping you remember what needs to happen in your business? Does it make a difference with how well you do in your business? Yep…why do you think when you go to watch a game there is a scoreboard and a clock? Tells you who is winning and losing and how much time you have left…what plays you need to run compared to what the scoreboard tells you throughout the game. Yes, your business is no different. Here is a simple checklist below you can use or modify to set up your personal daily scoreboard…the clock is running. 

Daily Checklist:

  • Beneficial Morning Routine – read, workout, motivate yourself in some way.
  • CEO Time – Goals to plans – obstacles, things that are working etc.
  • Market Intelligence – what is going on in the market – new listings – pending’s – new trends - interest rates – expired’s – market comp trends etc.
  • Role Playing – listing presentation, real estate review language, objection overcomers – this builds confidence
  • Follow Up – prospects, database, sphere of influence
  • Track Yesterdays Activity/ Daily Scoreboard – how did I attempt, how many did I talk to, how many appts set, how many appts held to meet etc.
  • Pending Checkup – listing checkup, buyer checkup
  • Social Media Post – Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Go On Appointments
  • Afternoon Follow-Up From the Day’s Activity 



Every Step Counts

Don't Skip The Important 1st One

Every step counts in this market…Don’t skip an important 1st Step

The Pre-Call

Whether you like Social Media or you don’t …It can definitely be a great tool to learn about your clients…How?
Research your potential client by using – LINKEDIN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google or wherever else you think has good information
You can learn their likes, dislikes, if they have kids, hobbies, pets, etc…this is all great to make that instant connection of things in common.

What else should you do before this call?

Make sure you research their local neighborhood. It is not enough to know what percentage of their market has gone up or down or anything else you can find on Google.
You need to act like an appraiser and call past agents from houses that have sold in the area and find out why they sold for what they did. 
Did the owners do any expensive updates or was it a divorce situation…this gives you the knowledge to respond intelligently with the details of a particular sale if the new client is making a direct comparison. This Makes you the expert that you know the area. The potential client will be Impressed with that knowledge.

The Initial Call

Be a great listener…listen for the things that matter to them.
REMAX Gold has a great script of questions to ask on this phone important call…reach out to us and we will email them to you.


Don’t  get off the phone without asking these 3 questions:
  1. Why are they moving?
  2. What is their time frame – not only when they want to list but also when they want to sell by.
  3. What happens if they don’t sell by then?

This market is easier to navigate when you are working a proven system…by design not by memory.

Updating Your Bio

April 2022

Right Now is the Perfect Time to Update your Bio:

Why? Your story matters…it is a free layup to tell someone why they would want to do business with you. This Bio must be updated because things happened last year. Now is the time before this year gets away from you.

World Famous Novelist Salmon Rushdie once said, “Those who do not have the power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change as the times change, truly are powerless.” Powerful quote.

No one can tell your story better than you. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Write your Bio in 3rd person. People are used to reading news articles this way, so it sounds more professional. The article is being written about you.
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd? Years in the business, closing percentages, knowledge of the area, personal hobbies, community involvement, brand awareness social media, …whatever that is build it up to stand out in your bio
  • Who is your target audience? Now talk about things you like that you know your target audience likes and magically you have built commonality…they will think they like what I like so I want to do business with them.
  • A great bio will give the reader an idea what it is like to really work with you. So have fun with it! Example: Want an easy conversation starter with Jane try these topics: bacon, shoes, social media, dark beer, karaoke, chocolate…and real estate. See have fun with it.
  • How about a cool title to start off your bio: “Your Personal Real Estate Agent”


What is your Goal with a bio?

  • To seem likeable, trustworthy, and someone they would like to meet and do business with.
  • Think of every sentence so it builds on that goal.


Is it worth the time to update my bio?

  • Ummm…. yes! it is free. It can get you out of state and in state referrals
  • In this competitive environment don’t you want to stand out from the pack when people are looking to find someone to help them?


I can help you get started – I have the 14 Best Real Estate Bios for a Competitive Edge.  Reach out to me and I will email it to you…it can get your creative juices flowing. 

Just Do It! You will thank yourself that you did.

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